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Re: So typical of dumbed down serfs

Let tell you a little something knucklehead!  You made the statement that the STATES controlled the military during WW2.  Now either  you prove that or kiss my patooty.  You are a loud mouth muslim lovin' jerk so far.  Now prove it!

Yah, typical of dumbed down spoilt brat serfs

  Look ignorant slug, I do not owe you anything.   Your language and MO are familiar. Didn't you post under a different handle here before?  Did you embareass yourself and now back under cover, ready to do it again?


   You've demonstrated your ignorance of the Constitution, history and arrogance, I'm not obligated to explain nor prove anything for you, it would take forever, like a little attention seeking brat. 


   Help yourself,  READ.  Children do it.  Just turn off your boob tube and put some effort into it, or keep sitting there on your fat boil infested patooty whining and throwing a fit demanding other people to do it for you. 

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Re: Yah, typical of dumbed down spoilt brat serfs

I sorta figured you would refuse to come up with the proof that the states controlled the military and each state had it's own military during WW2.  I also know that I'm an ignorant redneck but I do know enough about this that makes me believe you don't.  Have a good'un.

Re: Yah, typical of dumbed down spoilt brat serfs

  Don't read, learn, blame your ignorance on someone else.  By the way lazy fool. you didn't go back and read what I wrote.  Not during but before.

Taylor ECIL
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Re: So typical of dumbed down serfs


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Re: So typical of dumbed down serfs

Despite the never-ending attacks by the so-called "mainstream media," the National Rifle Association remains more popular than President Obama, a report at Newsbusters said Friday.  Unfortunately, much of America won't know about this because the media has so far not reported it.

According to the latest Gallup survey, 54 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of the NRA.

That's just slightly higher than Obama's favorability rating, now at 53 percent.

On Wednesday, Obama declared war on the NRA and those who believe in the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

"The only way we will be able to change is if their audience, their constituents, their membership says, this time must be different, that this time we must do something to protect our communities and our kids," he said, speaking of "pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists" like the NRA.

CBS anchor Bob Schieffer dutifully compared Obama's battle with the NRA to the conflict with Nazi Germany, and Stephanie Cutter said the Obama 2012 campaign apparatus was gearing up to take on those who support the Second Amendment.

Since the Newtown shootings, the entire Democrat-media complex has gone overboard portraying gun supporters as spawn of the devil in an overt attempt to marginalize and demonize law-abiding gun owners.

Liberals, including a member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee, have called for members of the NRA to be murdered and irresponsible media outlets have published the names of those with legal gun permits.

After using four children as props for his signing of 23 executive orders on guns, the White House issued videos of those same children begging for gun control.

A recent survey conducted on behalf of CNN and Time magazine show that public support for gun control is dropping, since rational thought is replacing the high emotions felt immediately after the Newtown shootings.

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Re: Yah, typical of dumbed down spoilt brat serfs

"...WW2(at which time the States controlled the military)". What does this mean?  It means TO ME that you are saying that the states controlled the military in WW2.  The only thing the states control and still do are the National Guard within their states UNTIL they are put under federal command by the president.  During the run-up to WW1 the draft or selective service was formed.  Up to that time, the states selected men to SERVE based on several factors.  BUT the military istself was under the control of the Federal govt.


On May 18, 1917, the Selective Service Act was passed authorizing the President to increase temporarily the military establishment of the United States. The Selective Service System, under the office of the Provost Marshal General, was responsible for the process of selecting men for induction into the military service, from the initial registration to the actual delivery of men to military training camps.

The Selective Service System was one of "supervised decentralization." The office of the Provost Marshal General in Washington was responsible for formulating policy and transmitting it to the governors of the 48 states, the District of Columbia and the territories of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Under the administration of the PMGO it was the states, territories and the District of Columbia which managed the operation of drafting men for military service in World War I.

Under the office of the Provost Marshal General the Selective Service System was made up of 52 states (or territories) and 4,648 local boards. These organizations were responsible for registering men, classifying them, taking into consideration needs for manpower in certain industries and in agriculture, as well as certain special family situations of the registrants; handling any appeals of these classifications; determining the medical fitness of individual registrants; determining the order in which registrants would be called; calling registrants; and placing them on trains to training centers.

District boards were established by the President (one or more for each Federal Judical District). The average district board had jurisdiction over approximately 30 local boards, each with an average registration of 5,000 men. The district boards had appellate jurisdiction over the decision of local boards in some claims and original jurisdiction in others.

Local boards were established for each county or similar subdivision in each state, and for each 30,000 persons (approximately) in each city or county with a population over 30,000. The local boards were charged with the registration, determination of order and serial numbers, classification, call and entrainment of draftees.

During World War I there were three registrations. The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918, for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918. This was included in the second registration.) The third registration was held on September 12, 1918, for men age 18 through 45.


This was how it was done through the '60s until the draft was ended.


Now you can read, learn and blame your ignorance on someone else you lazy fool!


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Re: So typical of dumbed down serfs

@[135355893164668:274:Lalo Alcaraz] toon.  Brilliant.  

Posted to the @[108038612554992:274:Americans Against the Tea Party] facebook page.

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John right again

Founders where very afraid of centrailized government, then a guy named Lincoln came along and shoved it down the countrys throat. Lincoln was a racist, he cared not one bit aboult slavery, but he wanted a national bank and more federal power, that is why he did nothing to avoid bloodshed. **bleep** shame.

Typical of dumbed down spoilt brat confusing hisself

    Either you have reading comprehension problessms or you are attempting to twist my words, taking them out of context.  I don't have the time nor desire to play games.


  What was your handle here before you registered a couple weeks ago?


   Here are the pertinent information--

From Article 1, section 8. The Congress shall have Power--

   To declaim War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, to make Rules

concerning Captures on Land and Water;

   To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

   To provide and maintain a Navy;

   To make for the Government and Regulation of land and Naval Forces; 

   To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrection and repel Invasions;

   To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of Officers, and the Authority of Training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

  Section. 2.

  The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, when called into actual Service of the United States;


Section 17. No standing army shall be kept without the consent of the General Assembly, and the military shall in all cases and at all times be in strict subordination to the civil power.

   I wrote--"If you read the US Constitution you just may find the States were intended to control the military, not congress, --No Standing Army because they did not trust a centralized government,--"



  You wrote--"Each state should have and control their own army, air force, opps, they didn't have air planes then so scratch air force, and navy.  Then when we need to go to war, each state sends their military out to fight the enemy."   The constitution did allow a standing Navy.