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The truth

Here is what trump has done to me and my

Corn 2.75
Milo. 2.50
Soybeans $7.50
Wheat. 4.70

No fake news here.

Oh that's right, it's not his fault....never has been.

Wait untill all the stuff about health insurance
Comes out.....

If there will any companies left, after being
Short billions....

Running around with hookers when married,
How low can you get, new bride, baby boy at
Home, and your out running around with a hooker
And have someone pay hush money for you.
He has been devoriced how many times.
Went broke how many times
Fraud to over 100 people

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Senior Advisor

Re: The truth

At trump University.

He has no moral, nor business
He is just going to run us in the ground.

The truth is right there, I don't know how to
Say it any plainer

Senior Advisor

Re: The truth

What's wrong, can't you supporters respond...after
All, commodities nose dived again.

And we're going to punish china ??

Who's getting hurt ?

Re: The truth

Yes, but you were never a member of the cult, for your own assorted reasons.


Wouldn't surprise anyone but I'm a recent witness to a couple farmers talking and saying "yeah, but the libs will try to blame it on Trump, harharhar...."


They both got a good chuckle out of that.


I had past conversations with them about how perhaps all the commodity groups who expressed concerns over Trump's trade agenda might not have exactly been "libs" and merely in terms of their businesses they might give it some consideration. They didn't believe what I said and furthermore were deeply committed to the notion that they were the Real Victims in a whole litany of matters. They're more in than ever and will double down again and again as chaos advances.


More power to those Patriots who are willing to risk all for AR-15s and white supremacy.

Senior Advisor

Re: The truth

That is only part of the truth elcheapo. Almighty God has blessed this country with excellent weather and we are expecting to harvest another record crop. For that I am very thankful.

Honored Advisor

Re: The truth

Nothing has changed. It doesn't matter who is in the Whitehouse.  Agriculture has always taken the first hit and is always the last to recover. It doesn't matter whose policy it is.  

Senior Contributor

Re: The truth



Health care costs are indeed going up. But so too are Obamacare healthcare insurance industry profits. If you are invested in Cigna, AETNA, UnitedHealth, Anthem, or Humana, higher premiums/deductibles/co-pays, and “adjusted” services are all a good thing.


Pray tell, who exactly did you think was going to pay for Obamacare? Better still, who did you think helped Obama and his fellow congressional democrats to write the original 2010 ACA Leglislation (hint: see above companies)?


The difference between an ordinary “mark” in a confidence game and a “lop earred mark” is that that an ordinary mark understands that something unethical or slightly illegal is going to happen prior to his getting trimmed. He is just unaware that he is the target of the game.


The “lop earred mark,” is someone who is too stupid to understand the scam (e.g. Obama phone/Obama stash sorts of people), but nevertheless goes along with the “something for nothing game” simply because he thinks his winnings will somehow come out of fairy dust. 


In the end, all “marks” get trimmed in a confidence game. It is just that the “lop earred” ones never quite understand why fairy dust does not pay off...If that makes sense? If you can tell me how you thought Obamacare was going to be paid, I might then be able to tell you where you fit into this great game we have all been playing these past seven years.

Re: The truth

I'm actually hard pressed to name too many other classes of citizens who have been more favored by the Gubmint over the last 15 years or so. One might even conclude that it is a mistake to let some people get too big for their britches- the extra $Ms up on the NW statement and it was a bit much to handle.


But true that for most the road of neoliberal agriculture ends up being a cul-de-sac, whether times are good or bad.


Fun to do while it lasts, though.

Manchin has the formula

and Donnelly, Heitkamp, Nelson need to catch on quick.


He's leading his challenger solidly in the polls and his position on SCOTUS is that he will protect the right of people with pre-existing conditions to have access to care. That's a big winner with the American people, even in WV where they've had more than a bit of confusion about whether medicare expansion is going only to Good People or not.



Esteemed Advisor

Re: The truth

3020, do you travel much? Northern Indiana is starting to burn up. Glad you and Ken are looking at a good crop.