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The two faces of Bruce Braley

Email I received from Mr. Braley before he voted to give the EPA the powers to do exactly what he said they shouldn't have.



As you know, farmers in Iowa contribute more than economic security to our state – they also provide Americans with an affordable food supply, and spend a great deal of their time taking care of the land.

That’s why I’m committed to Iowa’s farmers and am working to make sure that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not moving forward on a “Waters of the U.S.” rule that would place new, burdensome requirements on Iowa farmers. Just this morning, I personally spoke to Administrator McCarthy of the EPA to outline my opposition to the EPA’s proposed rule on this issue, and stress my belief that the EPA needs to engage with farmers and that any rule must include exemptions for farmers. Following this call I have put my concerns on paper, in a letter to Administrator McCarthy, to hold her accountable.

Specifically, I believe any rule drafted on this issue should:
· Not expand the scope of bodies of water under federal jurisdiction;
· Not increase the regulation of ditches;
· Not eliminate historical statutory or regulatory exemptions for agriculture;
· Not increase regulations on groundwater;
· Not require increased regulation of erosional features;
· Not require permits for land-use activities;
· Not regulate farm ponds, puddles, or standing water;
· Be consistent with the latest peer-reviewed studies; and
· Be promulgated with public notice and comments.

Iowans know that farmers rely on healthy soil and water to do their job, and they’re committed to taking care of the environment for their neighbors and future farmers. I hold strong opposition to the proposed rule, which overburdens farmers and makes it more difficult for them to engage in normal farm practices and conservation efforts.

I will continue to fight for Iowa’s farmers. If you would like to join me in this effort, you can share your comments with the EPA by sending an email to and including “EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880” in the subject line of the message. As long as the comment period is open everyone needs to help in this fight for Iowa’s farmers.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to contact me at any time.

All the best,


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BA Deere
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Re: The two faces of Bruce Braley

He`s like Harkin in that there was one "Harkin" in Iowa and another "Harkin" in Washington...only Braley will even be worse.   If one could give Harkin a pass in "vote trading" for the ultimate good of Iowa, this Braley is far more shady.   We can`t let him slip past the goalie.