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The way for Dems to beat Trump

is exactly like in the mid-terms- make it a referendum on Trump.

Stick to a broad script of support for the many popular programs and policies that Trump and the GOP are vulnerable on.

And let him do what he's gonna do.



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Re: The way for Dems to beat Trump

nah, just keep on harping about Russia Russia Russia.....remember when you told us Trump was going to be gone in six months?

Peak Oil, Russia Russia Russia, Stock Market Collapse, etc etc

Well, you will always have the Prom King crown, right?

Senior Advisor

Re: The way for Dems to beat Trump

Well all of the dem top leadership resigned. Now is your chance to get in there and show them how it's done. Oh wait, you can't, you're white. You're just another racist.

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Re: The way for Dems to beat Trump

For those of you who still 'believe' that Russia did not interfere in your election just as they have in elections in other countries it is a sad example of how easily people will ignore facts and evidence and continue a 'belief' that is totally wrong.


The following gives a good road map of how the interference happened in your country and the resulting investigations and findings if you care to educate yourself on the reality around you.

How did Russia (allegedly) hack a US election?

It didn't, exactly. Hacking voter machines, and rigging elections generally, is very, very difficult. Hacking people? That would be easier.

The special counsel charges show that Russia effectively ran a two-pronged operation. The first prong in mid-2016 allegedly involved sending rafts of so-called "phishing" emails to figures in the Democratic Party - an unsophisticated method used by everyone from state-sponsored actors to low-level scammers for duping people into giving up their passwords.

Hackers gained access to the Democratic National Committee's systems and the personal email of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. They leaked tens of thousands of emails revealing the inner workings of the Clinton campaign and the party's operations, along with mundane, embarrassing details.

The second prong allegedly involved flooding social media networks, especially Facebook, with bogus stories designed to smear the Democrats and undermine the Clinton campaign.

According to testimony by Facebook before Congress, Russia-backed content reached as many as 126 million Americans on the social network during and after election.

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Re: The way for Dems to beat Trump

All under the Obama watch. Obama said it was impossible for our elections to be hacked. And the DNC still has not allowed the FBI to examine their computers to see who hacked them. But when you just believe the orange man bad the facts matter.