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Senior Advisor

Re: The weather

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@r3020 wrote:

You see Bruce the same people that tell us man is going to destroy the planet by cow fart are the same peole who promised us if we like our policy you can keep your poliocy. Period. and also try to convince us Bruce Jenner is a girl and should be allowed to shower with the rest of the girls.

Not sure the international science community had anything to do with your health insurance and if they did they would probably tell you to ditch the insurance companies that are making off like bandits managing your health care spending.


And if you were honest you would acknowledge that it is not 'cow farts' thaat is impacting global temperature but rather the combustion of carbon based fuels releasing carbon that has been stored over millions of years and for millions of years.

Laughable when they argue about being the warmest year ever by hundredths of a degree when they adjust their data to tenths of a degree.