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Senior Advisor

Re: The why of the fake news

Just what scant is piling up? That's just more propaganda out of the fake news machine. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes truth. That's your only hope.

bruce MN

Re: The why of the fake news

First time I’ve seen someone openly play the “Christian Russia” piece. I guess it’s a given as it parallels with terminal Caucasian culture, but I don’t run into many exceptionalists  coming out and saying it.

Russian Orthodox a de facto state religion. Catholicism disallowed from operating institutionally as it does elsewhere in the world. Smaller previous Protestants sects not allowed to claim the benefits and privileges the Orthos enjoy. 

Russia essentially exported it’s Judaism element to Israel after the fall of the USSR and as a pack they have played a huge part in Israel’s hard turn to the Apartheid tinged far right. 

I’m guessing that where you are coming from is that non-Christians are by default atheists. The WELS kids I went to high school with believed that as do a good number of my CRC relatives by marriage. Funny thing, some of them are showing up among the throng on social media with suggestions of nationalist revolution.

Senior Contributor

Re: The why of the fake news

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: The why of the fake news

Well, it`s like this if you have 1,000 Yorkshire boars and sows running in a grove and throw in 500 Duroc boars with em`, don`t be surprised if 5 years later you only have red pigs running in the grove....just sayin`.  

Senior Contributor

Re: The why of the fake news

Even Bart and the Tick Tock lady seen the light and bailed or your nut case lib party. And if Krafty was still with us he would have also. Bruce and Hollow head need to start thinking what you are supporting.