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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: wow! Thanks for Sharing

actually a good, well thought out post there, Bruce, but still one that brings out your "rah rah rah, glad that the hometeam is in charge" slant on things. And certainly not a post that meshes well with your "thank god the woman's got a set" headline of a day or so ago. I was so disappointed to check out what the fuss was all about and find out it was Hillary and not some honey from Girls Gone Wild.


I see a guy like Sheueyer as part of the solution, whether he is blasting Obmama, Bush, or McCain whereas I am sure you grimaced when you heard him blast the newslady for carrying water for the "0". That is the lens at which you look at life, no doubt due to your life experiences. And I respect that, too....I just feel that you are wrong  more often than you are right. Socialism, pure democracy, amoral societies....all the concepts of liberal utopia.....none of them work for long and history will rhyme once again as America sings your liberal standards while digging our collective graves.


You are a smart guy, surely you can look at America and realize that what you see as progress won't insure the country goes on for long. You don't honestly see the steady increase in government workers as a bad thing? 50% of the workforce is not alarming to you? Probably not, if that is your background. Maybe 100% is the ideal....maybe you would march besides the Stalinists and shoot every undereducated farmer and small business owner and share his wealth. I sometimes wonder. Yet , you never seem to post anything that would suggest that maybe there is a reason, other than the Koch brothers purchase of rolls of astroturf, why the Tea Party resonated in 2010. In your mind, it is just that you have this group of stupid people out there , willing to hold up tea bags and get ridiculed.


I look at Obama, Biden, CLinton, et al and see clowns of a worse degree than the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld jokers. You don't. One group of fools are into the tea bags, another drink the kool-aid.


enough for now, this napkin is full.