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Re: The yard sign thing

You are an alien - find another site to hock your wares. We're not buying what you're selling today, or ever....

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Re: The yard sign thing

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Re: The yard sign thing

In this area, there had not been many of either presidential candidate signs up, but in the last month a few Trump/Pence signs went up along with the Guth, King and Grassley signs.  This is a honest assessment that there are literally 10 Trump signs to each Hillary, I am NOT saying that Trump will win or that there are alot of Trump signs in total.  Most have sheriff signs up and Guth, Baxter, Waylon Brown and such without a Trump sign.


The media narrative is that "low educated, low income people support Trump"...weeeeell, I see some very prosperous people in fancy houses and I know they graduated the University...not that they are my friends they wouldn`t associate with a peon like me  🙂  But it is some well to do people with a Trump sign at their driveway.   There are some holy roller Baptists that were in the tank big time for Cruz, and are kind of "never Trumpers"..but brass tacks...what are they going to allow Hillary to win?   🙂



The take away from the Trump signs is the media would have you believing that Trump supporters are "deplorable" and the people would be ashamed to put a sign for Trump out...not the case, the "pillars of the community" aren`t afraid to be supporting Trump.  No one of any gravitas has a Hillary sign up. 

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Re: The yard sign thing

Actually, surveys consistently show that the average Trump supporter has higher income than the average supporter of the Democratic ticket.


The media isn't saying that Trumpies are all poor crackers.  Trump supporters are portraying themselves as beleaguered, living in daily fear of impoverishment.

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Re: The yard sign thing

"You are an alien - find another site to hock your wares. We're not buying what you're selling today, or ever...."


The word is hawk, jen.  Hawk, as in peddle.  Hock means to take it to the pawn shop to borrow money against it.  


The background is interesting.



What’s the difference between the verbs hawk and hock? Both have associations with mercantile transactions, but the meanings and etymologies are distinct.

To hawk one’s wares is to sell them. The word has no relationship to the name of the raptor or to the extension of that term to refer to person who supports war; one might associate a hawker calling out to prospective buyers with the cry of a hawk, but the verb hawk and the noun hawker derive from the German word höker, meaning “to peddle.” However, hawk is also used as a verb to describe clearing the throat of phlegm; this sense derives from the bird’s harsh call.

To hock, by contrast, is to pawn one’s possessions — to give to a moneylender as security. (The person who hocks belongings then either repays the lender or forfeits the belongings, which the lender may then sell.) This word comes from the Dutch term hok, meaning “prison” or “enclosure”; the association is that someone who is in hock (in debt) is beholden to another as if he or she is a prisoner."