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There has been a historical precedent


A critique of those who believed they had a divine right to rule.


Best analysis of the Trump doctrine I have seen,

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Re: There has been a historical precedent

That is spectacular.

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Re: There has been a historical precedent

Many will point out the slim majority of people voting to leave the EU was made up of 2 parts.

1 was the people who think Britain still has an empire and should keep 'those others' out and

2 those who voted to exit the EU as a protest directed at the people who are always in government 


The days after the referendum many were saying 'I would never have voted to exit it i thought it would suceed'


Sometimes you get what you asked for and know it is the wrong answer immediately.

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Re: There has been a historical precedent

Another article about Brexit and what not to do.


Growing fears of the economic repercussions of the U.S. government shutdown have led smug Canadians to scoff that it couldn't happen here.

But Britain's descent into even greater economic chaos and uncertainty over whether or how to leave Europe offers a timely reminder that the parliamentary system Canada shares with the U.K. is no protection against the poisonous effects of manufactured political anger. 

It's a warning to Canadian politicians and single-issue advocates that bitterness and division can provide short-term political gain but lead to long-term economic damage.

Once stoked, impossible to cool

What Brexit has also demonstrated is that once those divisions have been stoked they can be impossible to cool.

In the case of Britain, public disenchantment over economic issues, including unemployment, a crumbling system of public health care and inequality, was fanned and focused by a polarized national debate that told people all their problems could be solved by choosing between two alternatives: quitting Europe or staying inside it.