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Senior Contributor

Re: There is no free lunch

Sometimes a little pain prevents a lot of pain.  


What Packard said is very true and sound advice.  We did not get here in a day.  The correction is going to hurt.  Do not give up the farm for what you fear might happen.  


Watch and see what can happen when people get their minds rights.  


Watch and see what can happen when we get sound money.  That is coming.  

From Trump's fed nominee in 2013.


Ruble is now gold backed.   Not only can it happen, it will outperform anything that isn't.  


Ruble will be digitalized, but it will still be gold backed.  

Shelton just made some similar statements regarding currency.  It has to have a stable value.  

The bill is already written.  The dollar will then also be digitalized for ease of international trading against a fixed value of gold.