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There's confusion about my support. anybody else?

There's always some confusion about my support for President Trump.  In truth I don't like the man.  But, I really don't like the policies that the people running him down espouse.  

The confiscation of property, the lack of protection, the attacks on free speech are among the things that the left-Democratic party now supports. 

So many things that would have been unacceptable 30 years ago are now embraced and demanded by the current Democratic party.  The very things that made America a prosperous and safe country are being destroyed by the liberals.

One has to accept people with character flaws if they will stop the march of destruction that is the Democratic party today. 

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Re: There's confusion about my support. anybody else?

Pretty much my view on Trump too...I don't care for him, wouldn't be my first choice, but he has proven to be a man of his word, and a winner.

And the guy doesn't appear to be ape ***** nutz like a couple of posters here.

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Re: There's confusion about my support. anybody else?

Will Rodgers said "I never met a man I didn`t like" that`s a more profound statement than at first glance.  I`ve never met Trump, got within 20 feet of him, but never met him.  The media takes Trump literally, but not seriously, us supporters take Trump seriously but not literally. 

If you`re in the Army, in a war, in a foxhole and the enemy shooting at you and your fellow soldiers.  I don`t know if you have to like those in the foxhole with you, however if you have plans of getting out alive and going home to marry Thelma Lou, you better make quick friends and have each other`s backs.