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There was some heroism in Tucsan

The man that sheilded hs wounded wife and paid for it with his life. The elderly gent that took the gunman down. The elderly lady that grabbed the extra clip from the gunman"s hand.


I don't now the names of those folks but I am certain they will be recognized. The tragedy of  beautiful young brown eyed nine year old girl that lost her life because she was interested in meeting the congress lady. 


BTW the villian had a 32 round clip in his glock. law enforcement thinks a 12 round clip with one in the chamber is adequate except for special forces use. The restriction on clip size expired during the Bush administration and the 32 round clip is legal according to federal law. I don't know the size of his replacement clip but had he reloaded, he might have killed a bunch more.


The elderly lady picked up the dropped gun and the gent that took the perp down told her to drop the gun because law enforcement coming on the scene might shoot her if they see the gun in her hand. So she dropped it to the floor and held it down with her foot.

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Re: There was some heroism in Tucsan

THAT Mr Kraft should have been the focal point of this whole incident. The way ordinary citizens answered the call when put in the position to do so. It isn't government that keeps us free, it is the people who take it up on themselves who do so

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Re: There was some heroism in Tucsan

That's a great idea!  When are you leaving for Afghanistan?

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Re: There was some heroism in Tucsan

I'll donate a dollar for the fare.