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These Dennison lawyers

Wondering how some of this would have gone if they’d have been able to hang on to a couple of those reputable established firms and the professionals they’d have put on to the task 

This Sidney, Lin, Rudy, the “shoot him at Dawn guy and his wife and  Ellis are like emptying out the clown car at the circus 

Is this really all that available or could it possibly have been a well planned ruse laid out NOT to overturn or even seriously challenge anything or something done in the full, perverse understanding that the Tiber supporters would simply be more comfortable with these folks. That they might not respond as well to buttoned down cosmo “types”.

Probably there being more than a few identifiable if not at least a few of  Hebrew extraction amongst them 

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Re: These Dennison lawyers

Don't ascribe strategy to something that stupid and vile explains very satisfactorily.

Re: These Dennison lawyers

Distraction and deflection . Load the echo chamber with more than it can hold and can be processed. 


Ivanka was deposed yesterday regarding the Inaugural grift. 

Money for Pardons.

more crime trickles out daily now.


Re: These Dennison lawyers

thanks for the information, I have been looking for it for a long time

Re: These Dennison lawyers

It seems to me that the US judicial system works against Jews. I am a Hasidic Jew and a year and a half ago I had an accident in New York. In that accident, I was not the culprit, and it was obvious to everyone except the judge who brought my case. And the real culprit of the accident was a dark-skinned one, and apparently being afraid of retaliation, he decided to sue me unfairly. I contacted the company, which saved me and prevented me from becoming a victim

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Re: Works against Jews, how so?

On a different subject, it certainly doesn't seem to work against republican politicians very well.  If it did, there be a lot more of them in jail.