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Re: No, there's big difference in type!

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Re: No, there's big difference in type!

@rickgthf wrote:

  Why do you think the previous Illinois governor commuted all the standing death penalty sentences to life in prison?  Because they discovered that twelve of the previous executions had been of innocent men.  He couldn't even begin to guarantee any of the people to be executed were guilty.  Better to keep them alive in prison than murder them and be wrong.

  We have the same problem with state & prosecutors that we have with the police, the lack of accountability. If more prosecutors and police were held accountable for their wrong actions we'd have a lot less of this nonsense.

  That's why I say, under old English law, if you gave false testimony that resulted in the wrongful conviction of another person, you suffered the same exact punishment.  If a DA withholds evidence, it's the same thing as false testimony.

  Your problem with "Kamala, Kamala, Kamala" is that it doesn't ever help to correct the situation.  It's just "if your side does it, then we can do it".


So kumala gets to do the time in jail for those she falsely prosecuted.  Makes her a felon, I think.

What about the testimony schiff collected then hid of people under oath saying they had seen no evidence of rx3?  Those people then when not under oath told a different story.