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Senior Advisor

Re: They laugh at and call 3010e a liar.

But man has never lowered or raised the sea level. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Since man made global warming has been proven false the leftist climate money grabbers have changed the debate to man made climate change. Now they completely drop man made. The climate will change on a daily basis and we do not need "climate change" to be financed by the US Federal Government.

Re: They laugh at and call Bachmann a liar.

barbara boxer should be making her statements from a prison cell.

Re: They laugh at and call Bachmann a liar.

Whatchya got on her Sam?


Aside form politics or any crimes that anybody may or may not have commited, I was not more than a few yards away from her a year and a half ago in D.C.  and she's cuter than a bugs ear.

Senior Contributor

Spencer and Michelle

I find it very interesting that Spencers studies have funded by the Koch Brothers and other oil interests.  Gee, no conflict there!!!


Is Michelle a liar no just a political hack who says what ever she has to get elected 


I do not think climate change theory has been debunked because of couple oil industry studies.

Re: They laugh at and call Bachmann a liar.

Judicial watch has her in the top ten most corrupt. Just Google.