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Honored Advisor

They`re Here>

Where`s the Canadian that swore up and down that "Trump was behind the caravan so Republicans would win the election"?   Oh yeah yeah yeah, forget about that, right?   But now that they are here, gotta let `em in!

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Senior Contributor

Re: They`re Here>

edges on that fence ought to be a bit sharper toward the top.

Honored Advisor

Re: They`re Here>

I like that wall that Navy Seals couldn`t climb.   I heard for the last month that the caravan is "made up of women carrying toddlers"  well holy crap, they`re pole vaulting over the wall like Olympians!   F`n A. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: They`re Here>

You need to save a little of that. Only about 1-200 are here the rest of the 4-5000 are still way down in Mexico. Maybe you need to throw more bucks into the wall kitty and make it 60 feet tall. BTW, we don’t want open borders. That is some rightwing fake news. We want those asking for asylum to be vetted and considered for entry.
Senior Advisor

Re: They`re Here>

Where do you want to hold them while they are being vetted?