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Things have changed

Something changed on this site today.

When I signed in tonight I no longer have the indication of which thread I had posted on or read previously.

Also when I post now I have my avatar that I set long ago as well as a quote from some time ago and niether of these have been showing for several months.


Anyone else have changes?

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Re: Things have changed

Normal here....well, at least as can be.


But then, we are in the process of renewing the Patriot Act so you could be under an increased level of scrutiny as an alien.

Re: Things have changed

For quite some time, when I click on message listing it takes me to the LAST page of messages for that forumn. (except on the marketing forum) I inquired about it, but they didn't believe me. Also, the registration message comes up very often now. I just re-log in.

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Re: Things have changed

Bruce maybe that is it the patriot act and me being an 'alien', hey kind of like that title. Canuck the alien!


Ida, I also have to register most times so often that I know the password without looking it up.

I never click on 'message listing' always go to top and click on 'Ag Forum' or whichever I am on. Message listing takes me to the oldest postings too.


What changed is I have picked up my Maple Leaf Avatar that I set shortly after the changed site came up. I lost it a couple times so did not bother going back to reset it, same as the quote at the bottom.

Last night they both showed up again and I had no indication of what messages I had read or posted on.

Messages are all 'new'.

Think last nights readings are noted this morn.

Too cold and windy to go out here today.

Whiteout conditions in some areas where the lakes dumped on people, at least we can see for the time being.

Weather has more birds to the feeder already this am than we saw all day yesterday. More counts for the Great Backyard Bird Count. First finch of the season this morning.

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Re: message listing

Message listing seems to work Ok this morning or maybe it just does not work when I am not signed in.

Hey I even clicked the 'remember me' box when I signed in this morning so we will see if it works this time.