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Thinking people knew it


Larry Kudlow, who heads the National Economic Council, accepted it was US businesses that paid the import tax.

He told Fox News that he believed "both sides will suffer" from the escalating trade dispute.

On Friday Mr Trump tweeted that tariffs on $250bn of goods coming into the US were being paid "by China".

The president argued there was "no need to rush" into a trade agreement with China, as the US Treasury was benefiting from these "massive payments".


And then there is the socialist payments to go to the farmers that the tax payers have to pay for too.


These trade wars are so good for winning..........

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Re: Thinking people knew it

We have been losing to China, the world's worst polluter, for decades. Time some one took a stand.

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Re: Thinking people knew it

Hate to tell ya but it's usually Democrats that are
Worried about the environment
Just say'n
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Re: Thinking people knew it

Obviously they are not.