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bruce MN

This Judge....

Saw that his name was Sullivan. Figured that now here will be a tough but fair minded Irishman who has ascended to a high seat.


Then I saw a picture of him on the TV.  He’s a colored feller!!! So assumed he was just a “PC quota pick” put on the bench by Carter or Clinton or Obama.  


Looked further into it and it turns out he’s a Reagan pick, further elevated by Bush.  Now dealing with a big case precipitated by Republican beaurocrats Comey and Mueller.  


And they say the Democrats are fractured and disorganized....

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Senior Advisor

Re: This Judge....

Why is it the first thing you notice is skin color.


Re: This Judge....

its ok 20.  they have different rules Smiley Indifferent

Senior Contributor

Re: obviously

That would be correct.