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This Week With George Stephanopoulos

They talked about opioids, North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, economy, healthcare, hurricane, debate, polls and even sharpie pens.   But I heard no mention of China, tariffs, "rural economy".   I`m not saying good or bad, but things that we talk about everyday isn`t on the ABC News audiences` radar.  

I don`t think Dick and Jane Smith in Hoboken, New Jersey are appalled yet about tariffs that it effects their day to day life that it`s a factor in their ballot box decision.   I don`t know, just an observation.

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Re: This Week With George Stephanopoulos

All  of  this  and  this  morning  the  numbers  come  out  the  U S A  has  spent  '''  22  trillion  ''  on  the  Afghan  War  , 

$22,000,000,000,000.oo   in  18  years    or ,   @ $60,000.oo   X  ( @,350,000,000 US  population )   -   -  -

Deficit  $pending   at  it's  finest  $3300  a  year ,  for  every ,  person  in  the  US ,  on  one  (18 year) military  engagement  - or  with  Afghan's  population of   @  35  million  - the  cost$  per  person  - you  can  figure  that  for  yourself   -  maybe - ?   

Chaos, an  abundant  commodity,  while  the  conversation of  rebuilding  flooded  Midwest - talk  of   budget  shortfalls ,    prevails  -  ?        

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Re: This Week With George Stephanopoulos

I did a quick googled search since your number seemed so outlandish, guess what, IT IS.

The real a number is roughly $1 Tril, less than last year's domestic deficit spending :-)

Hey it is still a Tril we will never get back, the real numbers are bad enough, no reason to go all $22Tril on us.

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Re: This Week With George Stephanopoulos

The  budget  office  ''  proposed  figures ''    vs.   over - run ,  un -  anounced  numbers are  quite  staggering -  being  Overseas  Contingency  Operations  -  or  O  C  O  spending  -   -   -

22   is ,  ''''' 18  year  ''''   war  deal   -  if  want  to  believe  it  or  not   -   and  with  what  result  -  ?   

Veteran  Affairs,    Homeland  Security ,    International  Affairs,      National  Defense ,   '''  War   Budget  '''    all  have  divisions  for  additional   overruns  -  NOT  covered  in  ''  proposed  budget  ''  language  -   -   -



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Re: This Week With George Stephanopoulos

For  a  $pending  Update   or  Debby  Downer ,  Guantanamo  Prison  Camp in  Cuba   ,  has  a  $380,000,000.oo   annual budget  - do  the  daily  math ,  or  hourly,  if  you  must  -  -

40  prisoners  -  $6,000,000,000.oo ,   spent  since  the  catastrophic   9-11    event    -   -   -    


Re: This Week With George Stephanopoulos

The biggest number I came up with was $4.5 to $5 trillion for ALL of the middle eastern wars of choice, but I would guess that some of the costs don't get tallied up, such as pain and suffering of the wounded, etc.

$22 Trillion sounded like a stretch to me, too.