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Re: This cracks me up

Michelle's hubby is gayer than PINK INK !



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Re: This cracks me up

I guess liberals can say things like this and get away with it.  Nice post.  Very positive and a good response to the original post.

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Re: This cracks me up


It's Simple Truth.  Your world is full of Folks with Blinders  glued on between da head.


Thought you peeps liked the truth ?  



Oh wait, nevermind.........Smiley Happy

Re: This cracks me up

naj is a bit sweet on Shelly's guy.

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Re: the non judge is hard up

he never seems to debate a point only act childish --it is a demorat thing

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Re: This cracks me up



Michelle and Ladybird Bachman have one strange, weird freak of a marriage.


Why dont you people vote on That marriage instead of the gays ?

Re: This cracks me up

not me dude, if you want to sweep Shelly's beau off his feet have at it.
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He is a Self Loathing gay dude who had a FAKE gay-repair shop that is now defunct due to the hateful, irreparable (Civil Liable )  harm it has done.



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Re: This cracks me up

I see your point, Red, that it would create an even larger number of people living without paying any taxes, but I am not so sure, assuming that SS taxes would be assesed from dollar one, like the current law states.


For one thing, it would eliminate the crazy tax credits that are floating around.   I really don't think that there would be any more people paying zero taxes, and the number would be less, if SS taxes were continued as per current law.

My reasoning?   Things like Earned Income Credit, that allow people to get a credit on their income taxes, that is LARGER than the amount that they pay in, and then turn around and use that credit to pay any SS taxes due (and often still get a check on top of that).

There are illegal aliens, who are getting tax refunds, after paying zero taxes, because of all the tax credits that are out there.


I say, if you want to help the working poor, I'm right behind you in that.   Give them whatever aid is necessary to keep them on their feet.   However, decouple it from the income tax code, and make it a separate program. instead of IRS sanctioned handouts.

Keep the tax code as simple as possible, and following that same theme, make aid programs as simple and straightforward as possible.


To illustrate, here is a chart showing the explosion of complexity in the US tax code:


Total Pages of Federal Tax Rules


and it only gets worse from there.


Check out this stat:


How many pages are in the IRS tax code?

In: Taxes and Tax Preparation [Edit categories]

2010 the U.S. tax code is 71,684 pages in length.



So, doing simple math, from 1913 to 1939 (26 years) they added 104 pages to the tax code, or an average of 4 pages a year.   There were 54,846 pages in 2003, and 71,684 in 2010.   That is over 17,000 pages ADDED, in 7 years.  Or almost 2500 pages per year.

Do we REALLY need 2500 MORE pages of tax complexity, every year?


The greatest argument, in favor of the flat tax that I hear, is that the entire tax code would be less than 100 pages (no place for special interests to hide), and the process so simple, that the average worker on a salary would have a tax form only one page long (some argue it could be post-card sized), and could do it themselves in a half hour.   The average small business would have a tax form from 1-3 pages long, total, and again, the average business owner would be able to fill out the forms themselves.

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Re: talk about sacked out

Do you know the difference between "just as precious" and "more precious"? Why do you change words to try to make your argument?