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Not to mention

Too many people are concerned what is best for a certain political party, and not what is best for the country at large.

Both parties have some good ideas, and both parties have some bad ideas.

Instead of just being 'for' a party, or 'against' a party, why not be for the 'good' ideas, and against the 'bad' ideas.

Someone will probably reply that one party or the other has no 'good' ideas, only 'bad' ones.  To them, I reply in advance:  If you think that way, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.


The vote out rinse, repeat was a good one.

I once read (wish I could credit the original source) that Congress is like a babie's diaper.  It should be changed often, and for the same reason.

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Re: Not to mention

You know I agree we have concentrated way to much on individual rights and taken the rights of freedom of expression away from the many in the process. 


The supreme court justices for some reason forgot we are a republic and acting as they did in the past have made the judicial process a quagmire of stone walling stalling practices which has hung the rule of law.

Red Steele
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2010 elections

just when I had lost just about all hope in the American voters, 2010 occurred and Obama's move to put the USA into the ditch was repudiated, in a record setting blowout.


I think at least a half dozen posters online here are still in denial.


Amen to sorting things out at the ballot box.

Re: 2010 elections

What say when it becomes glaringly obvious that we could lose that option. We are probably not more that a couple of events before it is very likely. The military is very much neofacist wired and it wouldn't take much at all for a coup and general occupation to come down.


Will you look at the reason for the loss of your sacred vote that could occurhappen objectively? If and when that happens, it can only come out of tyranny, and the left 95% of the political spectrum doesn't want that.


You back seat Lyndon LaRouche's and David Duke's need to decide early just how far you are willing to move to remain a part of the active right. Democracy is if nothing else a progressive principle and INVENTION. It's a nusiance, a nagging annoyance  to the right.


The appeal to Democrats, independents and progressives in Ron Paul is that he's the only visible Republican who seems to understand that and shows clearly in his rhetoric that he would honor democracy. On what he disagrees with he says "We should", rather than "By God, were gonna!!!" as do all of the others.

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Re: This forum is just so sad

Hind sight, has always been 20-20. What I'd like to ask you, and it's important, did you learn anything? If you cannot see that you made a mistake, you didn't learn anything, did you?

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Re: This forum is just so sad

I beg to differ with you on the shut out of repubs on the healthcare reform.  They REFUSED to do anything but say NO!  Even when they did offer something and the dems conceded it to them, suddenly it wasn't what they really wanted so they said NO again.  Reagan was a snake in the grass in many ways.  Can you spell Iran/Contra????  Someone is going to have to raise taxes soon.  The guys you keep saying create jobs have not done it and their taxes have been lowered for 10 years already.  Wake up!!!

Re: This forum is just so sad

Being "shut out" must be a pretty good tactic as they got every concession they wanted. Concessions that crippled thr legislation to the point of it becoming unpopular with the public who found it ending up much less than they had showed that they were wanting or hoping for.


Still probably better than what we had, but a mere fraction of what polled public hd indicated that they wanted.

BA Deere
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Re: This forum is just so sad

That Repub tactic wouldn`t have worked...if Obamacare was popular, would it?   Obama ripped a page out of that playbook.  On "This Week with Christianne" a guy had the quote of the week "Obama is going to run against a do nothing congress and he`s going to help them do nothing"  in regards to Obama hightailing out of the country as apposed to being involved on budget talks as previous Presidents have. 

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Re: This forum is just so sad

They shut everyone out... wasn't it Pelosi who said we'd find out what was in it when it has been passed.  I think the whole process was supposed to be broadcast on c-span.

Re: This forum is just so sad

I'd recommend your looking into why they weren't.