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This is absurd

I'm sorry folks, but making my morning

News rounds, these two things hit me

Like a ton of rocks.


This should shake republicans, democrats, liberations

And what have you, to their bones.


First, trumps new "" lawyer"", said that

Trump will most likely not testify "" due

To his changing recall ""


Second...that the president can pardon himself !!!


Folks....something is very wrong.  When one man,

Thinks he can do no wrong, and even if found

Guilty, can pardon himself.


People this is downright fear


I don't care what party you belong

To, this is wrong, and your moral

Compass tells you that.


For the love of country and god, Congress

Do your duty as outlined in the constitution.


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Re: This is absurd

One thing I hadn’tnoticed But saw pointed out was that there were no...nada...Democrats on any of the Sunday morning talk shows 


Wondering if after that 5 month old memo written by the lawyers who are gone and suspected to have been leaked now by the WH that the Dems didn’t all have the good sense to let it run out on it’s own. The memo left very little to say 

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Re: This is absurd

I for one am not into solving your riddles
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Re: This is absurd

Why would Stephanopoulos ask that question?

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Re: This is absurd

I watched those shows this morning, kind of a weekly ritual when not too busy.  None of it really bothered me much, fear-mongering wears thin.


First, it isn't clear that anything could actually compel the POTUS to testify. And, about what would he be testifying?  And, if he did, "I do not recall" worked pretty good for Reagan, just sayin'.


Second, it isn't clear that the POTUS could actually pardon himself, especially if he hasn't been convicted of anything, yet if impeachment were to occur, a pardon might keep him out of jail, though it wouldn't change the actions of Congress.  Pardon -- Mostly a non-issue.


My own take is that the Mueller investigation needs to run its course, although Mueller should be encouraged to wrap it up and issue his report(s) as soon as possible, just get it done, finished.  Have got the feeling that Demos (more so than Repubs) should be most interested in ending the investigation sooner, rather than later.  There will always be unanswered questions, doesn't matter if investigation ends tomorrow or next year.  At this point in the game, Demos aren't scoring many points with anyone who hasn't already made up their mind.


As for the shows this morning, I did notice that they seemingly spent more time on issues of the day (outside of the investigation crap).  That was a step in the right direction.  Have also noticed over the past couple months a substantial decline in the petty "leak" crap that makes the news.  Another step in the right direction. I think the biggest sources of the "leaks" must be gone, whether it was Bannon, McCabe, Comey, others, or all of them.  In other words, I think the newsworthiness of the news might be beginning to improve.


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Re: This is absurd

The constitution doesn’t say he can nor that he can’t. However, it very clearly states that the president can pardon a person convicted of any crime except impeachment. Therefore, the indictment brought about on Clinton was impeachment and had he been convicted, the president could not pardon him. Trump may be impeached and if that happens and should he be convicted, according to the constitution, he could not pardon himself.
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Re: This is absurd

All of you people wrap yourself in a flag, you
Talk about being patroit, you talk about laws... charged and found guilty of
ANYTHING....from fraud, murder, theft, to
You name it, he will pardon himself....his
Legal staff even question if he can be impeached.
The man can do thing wrong, can be held accountable
For anything.

Remember, we were told by one of his wife's,
That he kept a copy of Hitler's book ""my struggle""

This flys right in the face of the American way.

I can see it's all about Trump....not

Wake up people....when we have a man in the
Highest office in the land, and can do no wrong..
Who is above the law.....

We no longer have the united States of America.

Look at third world world countries....or Hitler's

Sorry, no way to spin this other than it is.

The truth will set you free
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Re: This is absurd

If he is impeached and convicted, the constitution says he can’t pardon anyone for impeachment! Period!!!
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Re: This is absurd

(If he is impeached and convicted, the constitution says he can’t pardon anyone for impeachment! Period!!!)


There you go elcheapo, no longer a need for the dramatic posts.

Senior Advisor

Re: This is absurd

Trump's lawyer just said that trump could have
Shot Comey, and would not be prosecuted....

Folks trump could have shot the head of the
FBI....and nothing would happen to him.

Àll you gun people...that say that certain people
Should not have a gun....what do you say
Should happen to someone that shoots
Someone else, not in self defense...and
What about all those laws enacted to protect
Law enforcement people...again trump is
Above it....

Folks I'm getting sick over this

What makes me even more many
See nothing wrong with this....and that it
Even funny and laugh.

What disrespectful action for all those young
Boys and girls trying to spread freedom in
The world.....but look at what is happening.

I am ashamed for them