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BA Deere
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Re: then if its End of discussion

I posted a video of Trump saying exactly what was said and at NO TIME did he say he could kill or shoot someone.  Trump was reporting on what the New York Times/polls SAID ABOUT HIM. 

If you want to continue believing and repeating a lie, that is your right, however I expect better from you.

Senior Contributor

Re: then if its End of discussion

@elcheapo wrote:

Read the news boys.....not what rush or what ever else tripe you

Listen to.

Newsflash.....obama is not in office !!

Do you know how dumb that is

To bring it up ?

First you have to prove it, then

Second....does it then make

It ok for trump...hell no !!

I dont think you realize how

Dangerious it is to have a ""man""

In that office that thinks he is


Remember...he said that he could

Have killed someone and he

Still would have been elected...

For the sake of god....wake up

And watch what is going on !!


if it was not an emergency for the country when Obama did it the why is it an emergency now?


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Re: then if its End of discussion

BA....i i think the same could be

Said of you as well.


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Re: then if its End of discussion

Well lets see...trump in jail...well

He would be entittled his due process.  If he has jail time, or would need to be decided....but, i would support

An impeachment hearing, and

I personally feel there are grounds

To impeach....

Pence...i will be honest....i dont

Know much about him.

His crimes...using the office of president for personal gains...

Colusion with a foreign government....using his office

And power to do away with

People that disagree or try to

Fallow the laws, that would

Impact his term as president....

And most likly more.

Sorry....can rember all the comments

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Re: then if its End of discussion

Yes, these are bad things.

I also feel there are racist undertones....

In particular.....i feel they are

Quite strong on this forum.


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Re: then if its End of discussion

You just described Joe Biden to a tee. He and his family got rich from the influence of his office and then used the FBI/CIA in attempt to remove Trump, install Hillary, so as to keep the gravy flowing.