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Senior Contributor

This makes me very uncomfortable


I don't feel as though these people should be in office representing the USA.  How do you uphold the USA Constitution and have loyalty to a foreign country?


Don't start with the Russia stuff, that's a bunch of bunk, this is right out in the open and verifiable.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: This makes me very uncomfortable

The US does not recognize dual citizenship.  So they are American citizens. Period. 

Senior Contributor

Re: This makes me very uncomfortable

Mr. schnurrbart,


It matters little whether or not the United States recognizes dual citizenship.  It's how the person with dual citizenship feels about it.  When FDR incarcerated thousands of Japanese he did so because he felt their loyalty was to Japan.


Today we see illegal aliens proudly displaying flag of their native country and condemning the USA.  These officials with acknowledge dual citizenship are not renouncing that duality, so one reasonably can conclude they have some allegiance to a country that is not the USA.




"The United States does not formally recognize dual citizenship. However, it also has not taken any stand against it, either legally or politically. Typically, no American will forfeit his or her citizenship by undertaking the responsibilities of citizenship in another country."