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Senior Advisor

This morning, Boris Johnson on CBS, .....

This morning, Boris Johnson on CBS, trump is in the rearview mirror, gone,  forgotten, and good riddance.   We're just beginning to find out just how thoroughly detested trump was by the world.

  Meanwhile, the knives are out in the republican party, you're going to some bloodletting soon.  If the trump republicans manage to drive out the last of the "rational" republicans, the republican party will become nothing more than a bastion of far-right trump-obsessed loonies that no rational person will vote for.

  I can tell you right now, the trump republicans in this state like Stefanick will get primary-ed and lose next time she runs.  Serious people, Democrat, Independent, or republican don't want people who talk like lunatics running the country.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Great summary of .....

the complete moral depravity of the republican party.