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Honored Advisor

Re: This one not hard to believe

Winnebago is laying off for a couple weeks, they had a week shut down here and there earlier.  But they just built up their inventory like crazy, 9 hour days and working on Saturday.  They even paid $500 bonuses to drag in a lot of Puerto Ricans to work their and they know about a herb to take so they can pass the "piss test" many of them like their weeeed.

Some of those motorhomes have a $300,000 chassis alone, they`re getting un affordable for everyone poorer than Jeffery Epstein.  But the hassle of finding parking and poor resale value never seemed worth it to me.  Take your money and buy a Rav 4 and pull a little toy hauler and stay at nice hotels...but that`s just me.  And Millennials that barely want to own a car, a $500,000 motorhome has to be a tough sell.

Kind of like restoring tractors, it used to be G John Deeres were hot, now it`s 4020s and with the demographic shift 20yrs from now all the restored tractors will go to the scrap yard. 

Senior Advisor

Re: This one not hard to believe

Drove by the "Manufactured Housing and RV Hall of Fame" on the (foreign owned) toll road the other day.

That's a weird area- always boom and bust. Guys who have been rich and broke three times.

BTW, Obama took a special interest in that area when the unemployment rate was 20% early in his first term. Visited again when it was down to 5 near the end. Went for Trump by about 60% in '16.

That's one of the prime examples I use regarding the "economic anxiety" thingy. People don't vote their pocketbooks, they vote about how they feel- although the pocketbook can have a big impact.

That is also almost entirely a domestic market so trade shouldn't have been high on the list of grievances. But "somebody" sure did something to them.