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Senior Contributor

Re: This one says it all.

@r3020 wrote:

I gave you evidence. All you can do is say nu-uh didn't happen. Just like the holocaust deniers. There were no cameras. There were no printing press or news papers. If it didn't happen Jesus would have been forgotten 2 weeks after His death. Instead we date everything as having happen before or after His time on earth.

If that tarradiddle is what you call evidence I KNOW now you would believe in immaculate conceptions. 

The only evidence you have shown is you are making a fool of yourself. 

Your reference to the holocaust is pathetic. From that we have seen physical evidence, survivors have come forward to document their stories, Nuremberg trials.  

That is REAL  evidence not the “I believe” crap you haven’t presented. I’m not sure if you have the intellectual capacity to understand but to this point none has been demonstrated. If your evidence is real it is only available to the delusional godbotherers.