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Honored Advisor

This should be something both sides can help with

Had a come to Jesus meeting with an assistant manager at Wal Mart in Creston Ia this afternoon.


Went in and back in the garden section area right next to the herb and insecticide isles some idiot in corporate had decided to place a bunch of junk food items in the next isle. Chips, popcorn cheap pop type of impulse buying items. The smell from the lawn care liquids and granulars was overwhelming as it was just on the back side of the same perforated shelving unit  as the food. (there is nothing in a Wal Mart store that is not placed without Corp. telling them to put it there.) One whole isle of food in the toxic chemical section of the store. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was out for the day and so got one of the assist managers ..Just happened to be the food side manager. Kind of nicely explained some of the follies of WalMarts actions and explained the consequences of a little cross "pollination" into the human food supply.


This is some yippy skippy's attempt to increase profits at any cost. They also had a big new candy kiosk right beside the car batteries and lead ended battery cables and spray terminal cleaners etc. Let a few get poisoned and it will be the farmers fault . I mentioned I would happily donate the use of my #12 foot and place it squarely up that guy's derriere.


This has to be a larger than one Wal Mart thing. Check it out and throw a fit at the manager. I was assured it would be moved. I'll put no money on that one. YET