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This should have some fans here

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Re: This should have some fans here

Capitalism really sucks, where some get more than others do, even if the people at the bottom of the hierarchy here still get cars, cell phones, more to eat than any king in the middle ages would dream of, etc.


Lets pound on the class envy drum. Yeah, and envy those that are more adept at playing by the rules.


Lets find an outlier that got some Bush and Obama bucks and is living large and use him to paint a picture of how awful capitalism is.

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Re: This should have some fans here

Had John MaCain voted against TARP he would have become president.

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Re: This should have some fans here

You hit the nail on the head with envy, and using someone who was the beneficiary of chrony capitalism.


Russia at the height of the USSR had oligarchs, but the left won't ever point out that socialism always has an elite class that unfairly benefits.  The same occurs with regulatory capture they champion and special deals like the green energy fraud and too big to fail bailouts.  The lie is then calling this capitalism and that Republicans who go along with this as conservatives.  They are all swamp rats enriching their own by bastardizing the free market.  It is not capitalism, and they are not conservatives. 


What's most telling, is that this false argument that is 100% see through is the best that Bruce could find to drag back here today.  😂😂😂 


Fake news must have had a bad day. 

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Re: This should have some fans here

and yet once again we miss the point and fall for the envy trick ......


Other than the obvious rich vs poor gorge that grows under government control.... it points out one of the biggest icebergs in the government socialism power grab........the education gap.