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Senior Contributor

This should really make you guys day!

Go to the bathroom before you throw up, wouldn't want to be the cause of you ruining your computer.

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Polaris Racer
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Re: This should really make you guys day!

Yeap, Nine more terrorist released... Getting that sick feeling.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: This should really make you guys day!

It is no secret that nationally the country is in moral decline, so a national figure pretending to be Santa Claus will be admired by many.  There are small congressional districts that still maintain traditional sanity, but on the national stage, it`s a free for all, perhaps a GOP candidate can no longer be elected.


The Bernie Sanders people are a symptom of liberalism failing, we are running out of "other people`s money" to fund this hot mess...there simply aren`t enough "Koch brothers" to tax to fund all of these unkept promises.  Therefore many leftists are "feeling the Bern" ...a real and actual Canary in the coal mine dying, being a sign of "Canuck`s" reasons why societies collapse.


Great people in the past were admired, such as Patton and MacArthur...fastforward today and a community organizer with a empty bag of goodies is "admired" ...oh my how far we`ve fallen.

Veteran Advisor

Re: This should really make you guys day!

Tell us WHY we need to spend over 50% of the federal budget on the military complex???  We already have the best equipped, highest paid military in the world!  We spend more money on defense than a lot of countries have in their entire budget!  We shouldn't we be able to use some of that money on something other better ways to kill the world 10 fold??  And, I will say again, if all is lost for you rightwingers, why are you out looking for your utopia?  Do you just want to stay here and bore all the liberals to death with your constant moaning??

Re: This should really make you guys day!



The Leftists of the hippy generation will never learn. However, happily, they are old and quickly reaching the terminus of their shelf life. The younger people know that they have been shafted. I talk to them every day. Some just try to ignor the looming danger with their 'opiate' of video games. Others, are becoming dedicated learners of the Constitution and the new rising Patriots.  They know that it will be hard, but the clean-out has to happen. 


It very well might take a civil war to finish the job. Russia is waiting and watching what we do. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: This should really make you guys day!

We need the military industrial complex because most people (including Democrats) are afraid of their shadow, when the Towers fell, no one prescribed to the logical view that "S*** Happens" we had react out of fear and anger and revenge, that is why there has been bipartisan support for ove a decade of war, with no end in sight.  And yeah, some are making out like bandits on people`s fear.


There`s another way of looking at it too though, technology is moving so fast that if we do not keep up with it, we will be left behind and at the mercy of a not so benevolent new super power.  Look at China`s expansionism and Russian planes buzzing a US ship in international waters.  It truly is a dangerous world out there, way more danger than a handfull towelheads occasionally murdering a couple journalists on You Tube.


One simple cheap way to combat the towelheads is 1. Don`t disarm the people   2. Don`t let towelheads or any other foreigners into your country to live.


I`m not looking for "utopia", that is a liberal thing, the closest to utopia in this country that we had was pre-2000 and yes that would include the Clinton administration...he wasn`t even this nuts.  these dayscities are apolgizing to Jackie Robinson..companies are boycotting entire states because they democratically pass a law that, a man in a dress shouldn`t be in the ladies room.  Bill Clinton wasn`t even this nuts...oh now he has devovled  to that point, I`m sure. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: This should really make you guys day!

Smiley Very Happy  I`ve never run into a group of liberals such as these, that don`t even have a concern for their own self a bunch of damned turkeys drowning with their mouths open in a rainstorm.   If a liberal has a car for sale and you go a look at it, they look after their own self interest then...boy you have to check and verify everything they say or they`ll screw you.  But on government policy, they are in favor of giving away the store.  It must be they figure it`s "other people`s money" and they and their families are slippery enough to weasel out of their responsibility.

Senior Contributor

Re: It's not other peoples money!

It's our money your and mine. the difference being that you are trying to avoid taxes and I am not. We also differ on the role of government. You think we ought to prepare and fight foreign wars. I believe our government is supposed to "defend" us from all enemies foreign and domestic. Which means disease and healthcare which usually atacks all americans at one time or another. Also starvation and lack of education are also threats to society. Thus I believe an united people should join together to provided needed services to the public. Capitolism will not provide those services at an  affordable rate. Corporatism has no interest in public good without the reward of HUUUUGE profits. Like in some places in south america they have corporate controlled water supplies and their people are held hostage much like the people of Flint where the jobless cannot afford water as if water is a luxury.


So america chooses to buy education and healthcare and affordable drinking water to its people. You think it costs to much when most people think water is one of lifes blessing and there should not be a public cost to it. Government should provide it. Not as a means to profit from it but to provide it as a right to live and share in natures gifts. Not provide a necessary ingrediate to survival so some can profit from it.


I don't get where you got the notion that liberals don't pay taxes. (EIB)? We do pay taxes but wish our tax dollars were used to make the lives of american better instead of blowing it all to subsidize the military and corporate greed.



Senior Contributor

Re: This should really make you guys day!

You are correct BA when you say "we had react out of fear and anger and revenge"  except the word 'had' should be replaced by you DID.

there was no reason that you HAD to react to feat and anger with revenge

You did have the choice to use justice and seek out the perpetrators without all the ensuingdeath and destruction from invading other countries.


Strange how people who so vocally proclaim there is some magical being looking over them feel it is up to them to act without any input from this 'god'.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

A special flock

BA, these fruitcakes all seem to have one thing in common...they don't give a sheidt about where the

money is coming from as long as they get theirs, and if a little more is thrown around for social programs, wth gives them "empathy".


The sad thing is that these screwballs are mirrored and echoed all through out the USA now, and have a

dominant voting block...they  are not pinned down on the plantation anymore.


These clowns here are either retired government workers, or guys that have managed to always get more

out of the sewer than they put in....they do vote for their short term interests. If you find a liberal that actually

pays any tax, net of transfer payments, let me know.


And you are spot on about the used car analogy.....if I show up to even look at something and find out it is

a die hard liberal selling it, I usually don't even bother to spend much time there since I know they will try

to screw me on the deal.