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Senior Contributor

Re: A special flock

Another thing Dale. So many alleged christians do not act like christians. At least not according to my translation of the "holy word." However we are all imperfect, even the best of us. That said, I do not claim to be perfect, nor will I ever be.


I won't ever enter the gates of heaven based on my earthly performance. It will require a great deal of patience and mercy to grant me entrance. Perhaps passing judgement on others is my greatest sin. However, some folks think they are assured of residence in the heavenly in spite of the unfair judgement of others. I don't think that is the case and of that crime I am most certainly guilty. 


Having said all those things, I hope that you folks, all of you, find the keys to the kingdom before it is too late. Always seeing the worst in everybody does not assure your entrance to the promised land. Put me under the sod, That's where I belong.