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This sounds like a decent book

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We've successfully turned them into paupers, now lets sell them on communism.

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Re: This sounds like a decent book

In the description of the book it sounds like the author was happy on the road to a one world government and if it "wasn`t for those meddling kids and that dog" they would`ve gotten away with it too.  He uses the word "xenophobia" which is essentially saying "if you don`t want open borders and welfare for illegal aliens, you are mentally ill". 

No mention that it`s unsustainable economically, not to mention environmentally, California is running out of water, constantly chasing their tail on air quality, yet are expected to offer sanctuary to all those who come.  The newcomers are made citizens with the right to vote, so they vote to let more newcomers in....who has the "phobia", who`s mentally ill again?

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Re: This sounds like a decent book

Sounds like quite a book.