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Re: Canuk, new theory I'm wondering about.

@Canuck_2 wrote:

I have no opinion on the governing of Windsor or Detroit.

Maybe that is the difference in our cultures, that we have good governance and you have poor governance.

I tend to think that is too easy an excuse.


I don't think of it as an 'excuse', but more like another possible piece of the puzzle.  I don't think the rise of violence in the culture, is any one thing, but rather a large hodgepodge of issues, each contributing in its own little way.


Having gun controls in one city or even one state will have minimal impact on the availability of guns. All a person has to do is drive across the municiple or state border and come home with the desired gun, no border control at all.


How hard would it be to get one from Detroit, to Windsor, hidden under the spare tire in the trunk of a car?   I do not know the border security now, but as of a few years ago, there was little to no checks.  I would think, that if the thugs in Windsor really wanted guns, they could go to Detroit, get a few, and sneak them back, if they really wanted to shoot people.   If we can answer the question of why that doesn't seem to happen, then we can start to cure the violence in Detroit.


Getting a gun, especially a hand gun, in Canada is more difficult because they are controlled across the country so you have to smuggle it across an international border with guards that stop and chat with every vehical/person entering.


The ironic thing, is that in the USA, the general trend is that the more available that guns are, the less violent crime you see, in that area.  The school shootings, the theater shooting, that make the headlines were in 'gun free' zones.  

On the otherside, places where gun ownership is all but mandatory, have low crime rates, and low incidents of shootings.  It is not that a gun is 'there', so much as there is a lunatic, who got his hands on one.


Yes guns are smuggled across the border and that is an ongoing problem and source of illegal guns in Canada but there is a difference in who wants to own a gun in the 2 countries.

There just is not a very big or vocal group in this country trying to own lots of guns.


Is it because we have good government?

I am thinking it is as likely to be because we are as Sam keeps insisting 'ruled by one of those addled Queens'.

Think that could be a proven difference and would apply to several other countries that are 'ruled' by the same Queen too.Smiley Wink