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BA Deere
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Re: This whole Russia business

Funny all these spook agencies that are swearing up and down that "the Russians are rigging the election"...are these the same outfits that had us attack Iraq when basically all the 9/11 highjackers were Saudi Arabians?   Are they the same spook outfits that aided Obama & Hillary topple the stable and contained Lybia?


This whole deal with the WiKi Leaks, Julian Assange says that it isn`t the Russians.  Hillary`s substance of her $250,000 speeches in which she`s a proven globalist ...those are her damned words! and God Bless whoever brought those to our attention, if it`s ultimately the Russians well God Bless them too.  Hillary is like porn actress Linda Lovelace that claimed she was force to have "relations" with a dog, Hustler magazine showed a infamous photo with the caption "We don`t see Fido holding a gun on her" ..well that`s the deal with Hillary.


Hillary is guaranteeing that she will get us in a war with Russia at some point, perhaps a world war (in which daughters will be drafted).  Because she wants a "no fly zone" over Syria, Russians planes will be shot down and it will be full fledged war for this country....I don`t think Putin wants that, so he probably is putting a thumb on the scale if he can for a more rational US commander-in-chief.