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Veteran Advisor

Re: This will make you happy elcheapo

@r3020 wrote:

Nothing to say about the studies? It's not about me elcheapo, it's about the lives of those infected and those who claim they want to protect us hiding an effective treatment. Well wear your mask and hide in your house you'll be fine. After the election it will all be over. Either Biden will win and we'll move on to defunding the cops or Trump will win and it will be more riots looting, burning and murder. Covid will be forgotten either way.

Guess you haven’t seen Millie’s posts, who promises a war will ensue if Trump doesn’t win.  Looks like there will be riots, burning, and murder either way.

But, Covid WILL still be there through it all - claiming victims, as Putin laughs....and China emerges as the worlds super power...

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.....