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This will send the commies into a tizzy... lol

"Within the last few days, an employee of Target went to work and – sick and tired of having her rights trampled upon – refused to wear her mask as directed by her employer. She informed her manager that she would not comply with his directive to wear the mask, that there was no scientific basis for the rule, and that there was no legal authority, which would allow him to enforce it. The employee added that she was in contact with the legal team at America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) specifically an attorney named Tom Rentz, and had retained his services.

The Target manager directed the woman in question to go home and advised she was being terminated. Within 24 hours she was contacted at home and called back into work. The mask requirement was dropped. Apparently, somebody at Target’s legal department knew the name Tom Rentz and had bothered to check the law. "

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Re: This will send the commies into a tizzy... lol

You guys are amazing.

I suppose the incentive was just too juicy not to contrive this.

The circumstances line up with a  company wide change in policy.

Yo! Eternal Numbnxxs!

Have you taken this “dependable source” off of your list of trusted sources?

It actually did show a bit of quickly expressed creativity.  And confidence that your ilk will believe absolutely anything, without any reservations or skepticism.

This clown makes Jacob Wohl look like a sage.

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Re: Yo! Eternal Numbnxxs!

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Re: Yo! Eternal Numbnxxs!

Remember bruce when you were calling for the government to be overthrown based on a completely made up Rx3.      Mark any of those sources off your list?