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Those darn Lumbees

Bishiop, the GOP winner, had recently sponsored a state bill to give Stormy payoffs to the Lumbee tribe who probably accounted for more than the narrow margin of victory. Say what you will about our Native American brethren, they have the character to stay bought.

Unfortunately, as far as political payoffs go,  farmers are considerably less numerous in national affairs than the Lumbees  are in that district.

But in the larger game, folks with a lot of money who are benefiting from various forms of grift and deregulation- from environmental destruction to financial scammery will come through big.

As Rick Wilson says about any question regarding financing for Trump 2020, "he'll get whatever he needs."


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Re: Those darn Lumbees

The NC GOP is the model for what the entire party is becoming.

Lie, cheat, bribe, finagle.

Curiously, no one appears to be considering what happens when all their supporters who are mad because socialism is coming to take away their light bulbs, straw, IC engines die off.

Won't need any "norms" I guess, if the Folk will just whip out their AK's and overthrow tyranny?

Or, I guess maybe the SCOTUS will suddenly become concerned about corruption?

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Those darn Lumbees

Hint, if you are going to post an article to make a point, you should at least read the article first.

Pretty good article link that shows how the Lumbees are charting their own political course, and not listening to the plantation managers and going with candidates that echo their conservative slant.

The democratic party left them, according to your article, they didn't leave the democratic party.

I tend to concur.