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Those moderat moslems you don't hear about



Farkhunda Malikzada, an Afghan woman falsely accused of burning a Koran at an Islamic shrine, and subsequently dragged into the streets by an angry mob and kicked, punched, beaten with sticks, pummeled with heavy rocks, run over by a car, dragged through the streets, and set on fire (after being soaked with fuel because her body was so wet with blood it would not catch fire).

As it turns out, the accusation against her was made by a man selling amulets to illiterate, superstitious women hoping it would help them get pregnant. She accused him of fraud and of dishonoring the Koran, and in retaliation he accused her of burning a Koran. At that accusation, the mob began to form.

It is important to keep in mind that the men who dragged her into the street and carried out mob justice were just average Afghani Muslim men. The killing of Farkhunda Malikzada wasn’t a trust building exercise at some al-Qaida training camp. These weren’t terrorist recruits forced to prove their commitment to jihad. These were just Muslim men going about their day, quickly incited by a single accusation, without any evidence it was true, dragging a woman from their own community into the streets and executing her in the most horrific, barbaric way.

Dozens of men rushed to the center of the mob to join in the killing. Hundreds more crowded in and cheered the lynch mob on while holding cell phones aloft and taking pictures and video of the killing. They were not shocked or horrified by the sudden descent into mindless fury, like a pack of wild dogs that happen upon a single, injured animal and tear it to shreds. These men were proud of what they did. It was, in the mob’s estimation, a righteous fury. No matter that there was no trial, no chance for Farkhunda to plead her case, just a single accusation uttered moments before.: