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Those peaceful Kaepernick protesters.

List of properties damaged or destroyed in MN. More in other parts of the country. Just a small sample many many many more at the link.



A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The list will be updated as more reports come in.
Adam Uren

The civil unrest in Minneapolis and St. Paul has left a trail of burned out buildings, smashed windows, and looted stores across the Twin Cities.

Here are the reports of damage or looting that have come in since Wednesday evening. This story will be update as more reports come in:

In Minneapolis

– O'Reilly Auto Parts 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.

– The Hub Bike Co-op: Property damage. 

– Family Dollar 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.

– Pat's Tap 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.

– B-Squad Vintage 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.

– Tibet Store: Property damage. 

– Speedway 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.

– Casablanca Foods 33rd and Nicollet: Property damage.

– Valerie's 32nd and Nicollet: Property damage.

– A Automall Inc. East Lake: Property damage, vehicles stolen.

– Speedway at 60th and Portland: Property damage.

– Broadway Clinic North Minneapolis: Property damage.

– Juxtaposition Arts North Emerson: Property damage.

– Sew Simple Nicollet and 24th: Property damage, looting.

– Park and Lake Car Wash on East Lake Street Windows broken, graffiti and some interior damage.

– Park-Nicollet Minneapolis Clinic: Property damage.

– Arby's Lake Street: Destroyed by fire.

– K-Mart Lake Street: Property damage.

– Penzey's Spices Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Walgreens Hennepin and 27th: Property damage.

– Midori's Floating World Cafe Lake Street: Fire damage.

– GM Tobacco Lake and  27th: Fire damage.

– McDonald's Lake and 31st: Property damage.

– Walgreens Central and Lowry in Northeast: Property damage.

– Wells Fargo Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Ladditude Tattoo Lake and 27th: Fire damage.

– LV's Barbershop Lake and 27th: Fire damage.

– The Hub Bike Co-op Minnehaha and 30th: Property damage.

– J-Klips Lake Street: Property damage.

– 5 Guys Hennepin and 24th: Property damage.

– Holiday Hennepin and 25th: Property damage.

– Honda Town Lake and 43rd: Property damage.

– Tires Plus Lake and 34th: Property damage.

– Hennepin County Human Service Center: Property damage.

– ICC Wireless Lake Street: Property damage.

– Jackson Hewitt Tax Service: Property damage.

– Little Caesars Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Teppanyaki Grill Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Home Choice Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Dollar General Lake Street: Extensive fire damage.

– Twin Lake Dental: Fire and property damage.

– HD Laundry Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Citi Trends Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Total Wireless Lake Street: Fire and property damage.

– Pineda Tacos Lake Street: Property damage.

– Subway Lake Street: Property damage.

– 7 Mile Fashion Express East Lake Street: Destroyed by fire

– The Fremont Bar Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– O'Reilly Auto Parts West Broadway: Extensive fire damage.

– Broadway Liquor Outlet West Broadway: Property damage, looting.

– Quality Tobacco Lake and 1st: Extensive fire damage.

– Skol Liquor Store 27th Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Max-It Pawn Shop Cedar Avenue: Extensive fire damage.

– Minnehaha Liquor Lake Street: Property damage, looting, extensive fire damage.

– Hexagon Bar at E 26th and 27th: Extensive fire damage.

– Target Lake Street: Looting, graffiti, property damage, fire damage.

– Wendy's Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.

– AutoZone Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.

– Cub Foods Lake Street: Looting, property damage, fire damage.

– Under construction affordable housing development at 26th and 29th: Fire, destroyed.

– 7-Sigma building, 26th and 29th: Fire, extensive damage.

– Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct: Property damage, graffiti.

– Dollar Tree off Lake Street: Property damage, looting.

– Metro by T-Mobile Lake Street: Fire, extensive damage.

– Hi Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– Speedway East Lake Street: Property damage.

– East Lake Library: Windows smashed, graffiti.

– Precision Tune Auto Care Lake Street: Property damage.

– U.S. Bank Lake Street: Property damage, graffiti.

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BA Deere
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Re: Those peaceful Kaepernick protesters.

Safest place to be in a riot

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Re: Those peaceful Kaepernick protesters.

Antifa is back.