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Re: Those subsidies

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I desperately want to agree with you in condemning the needless expenditure of government subsidies, entitlements, set asides, and so called, "government investments." Yes, I really want to be with you on this. They are truly terrible things. They are almost always fiscally wasteful. They encourage political corruption and the amounts we are talking about are driving all of us (whether we know it or not) slowly toward national insolvency.


My problem is that I live in this enormous glass house. I was also foolish enough to build it right in the middle of a gravel quarry. Worse still, I have the grave misfortune of being surrounded be some cynical and sometimes violently ornery neighbors. Personally, I suspect some of them are just jealous because they live in simple houses made of wood.


So what is a prudent man to do, but to get along by going along. That is, right up until the moment he can't.





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