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Senior Advisor

Thought they just wanted to be left alone

They demand you comply to their way of life. Gay supremacist.



  • Nader Hassaneen, 66, was punched in the face several times late on Sunday night as the city's Pride celebrations continued in Washington Square Park 
  • Hassaneen had hot sauce thrown in his eyes when a woman attacked him for flying the American flag instead of the Pride flag
  • One bystander claimed Hassaneen used a homophobic slur - an accusation he denied in an interview with The New York Post 
  • At least three people were also arrested earlier on Sunday afternoon 
  • NYPD officers were seen in riot gear using pepper spray on parkgoers 
  • Tensions were already high between the police and LGBTQ community after uniformed NYPD cops were banned from attending any official Pride events until at least 2025