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Thread deleted

Which one of the progs got the thread about why they support open borders deleted?

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Re: Thread deleted

They didn’t like what I was saying Sam - because it was true.

There was nothing bad in that entire thread - I think you got it wrong though about who deleted it - it was the RWNJ’s that lost their argument with me this morning, and couldn’t handle it. My guess is that BA didn’t like the direction his thread was taking, and deleted it himself.

RWNJ’s can’t handle the truth - it’s why they elected who they did.

Promises Made ..... Promises Broken

Tick Tock.....BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!!

BA Deere
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Re: Thread deleted

I didn`t delete anything and still awaiting your answer to this.




How about no exchange for:  Repeal 14th amendment (if you`re honest no good comes from an interpretation of "birthright citizenship" for foreigners)  Defund and make illegal "sanctuary states and cities"...they aren`t following federal law! period.  No amnesty or pathway to citizenship for "Dreamers", amnesty is a porchlight for mosquitos on a sultry summer evening and "Dreamers" maybe not kick `em out but never give them a right to vote all their live long days.   And finally put sharp teeth in those rich Republican businesses that hire cheap illegal labor.


So, do we have a deal?  It`s only fair what I`m asking



Ps You don`t have to check with your Media Matters for a answer, just answer the way you isn`t rocket science.