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Well the lighting must have been striking pretty
Close...noticed that a couple of posts we're the
Victims of a "power surge".
But as I was saying...
Today's market quotes are
Beans $6.99
Wheat $3.79
Milo $2.90
Corn $3.15

And did anyone happen to read the SF headline
About farm prices/income, and trade policy
(or lack thereof).

Might be fun to call into Rush's program and
Have him address low farm prices, the rural
Economy and communities... Something
Tells me, you would be placed on hold.

The base is eroding. A fellow that was a strong
Supporter, said he was done. He voted for him
Due to change he said he would do.
He said he is just like the others. Promise
Everything, and do nothing. He said he
Was worse off than before the election .

Again, this wasn't me saying that.

Folks...just look at your bottom line.

I think that's all that needs to be said.