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Senior Advisor

Re: Tim Tebow for Prsident!

I doubt that he knows where ubeckybeckystan is. But herman said that wasn't necessary.

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Re: Tim Tebow for Prsident!

In a newspaper interview, I read that his coach says he is working on his game harder than he can remember seeing anyone work. If he can stay unknotted, he may get there by sheer determination and hard work. The kind of success story I admire far more than some punk with an inborn talent who wastes it partying or taking drugs.
Papa Wheelie
Senior Contributor

Re: Tim Tebow for Prsident!

The story in Denver is not Tebow but the defense. They were horrible last year and this year they are lights-out good.


You don't have to be the best QB in the league to win a Super Bowl. IF somebody can get Tebow's mechanics fixed he will do well. If not, well he is already set for life with the money he has been payed.



Re: Tim Tebow for Prsident!

Double anecdote application.


Professional and high level amatuer sports all over the world are full of people who work their a$$es off, year round for year after year to be as good as they can be. 99% just only ever get to play their game for a while. But who worked their a$$es off also,,trying to take it forward.


Professional and high level amatuer sports all over the world also have some real punks participating in them. Period. As does every profession and avocation.


Hundreds of thousands of people. Have you ever seen an overhead shot fo the lineup for one of the big marathons?


I wish the kid well. Hope he becomes the 2nd coming of Y.A. Title or Johnny Unitas. As one woulde very young person who got to the point where they have been given the opportunity to he has. But he's currently getting all of this press more as the result of another (unrelated to football) anecdote.


And as these other guys are saying, is fortunate to be playing on a rather good football team, with a really good defense.