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Veteran Advisor

Time for Rome to retreat before some catastrophe happens?

Has America's Suez Moment Come? (

Trump asks the questions that need addressing.

slowjohoho will never come up with any answers as they don't even know what the questions are.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Time for Rome to retreat before some catastrophe happens?

Hey Red, I wonder if the "divided country" is as severe as is being reported/opined about?  Certainly communism has a seat at the table in the 2020 United States that it never has before, certainly riff raff of communities is celebrated like never before and encouraged to "vote!". 

As liberal as California is, the voters do pretty well voting correctly on the propositions that are on their ballot.  Where they fall down is on the leaders that they elect who often times ignore or find ways around the voter`s wishes on the propositions.

The "rugged individualism" we used to have has been replaced with the individualism of "I need free healthcare and someone to pay my student debt. So I will vote for the politician that will scratch today`s itch, tomorrow will take care of itself".    I don`t know if they realize how far onto the spider web they`ve crawled. 

Perhaps instead of succession or divorce, we should negotiate a trial separation with joint custody of the Constitution and no ALIMONY (aka taxes)?   Let the bitch on her own for awhile and see how she maintains her lifestyle without the oldman`s paycheck.  

Veteran Advisor

Re: Time for Rome to retreat before some catastrophe happens?

Hey BA, the map I posted here of the areas that voted for Trump in 2020 shows how the majority of the USA is Trump Country, and slowjohoho will have to rule over hostile territory.

Your idea of a "divorce" actually is one that slowjo probably would embrace, given his past stance on an Iraq partition into Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. A simplistic vision appeals to a simple mind like his. Given his past stances on racial segregation it should be an easy sell to the senile old phart. Getting it by the real POTUS (heels-up) might be a bit of a challenge, though.

Glad to be putting the equipment my NH3 juice in the ground , the K and P and Sulfur on the ground, and the monster corn crop in the bins, so life is good here. Dodged a bullet last week and could have lost a leg....just got a severely bruised thigh, so God was watching out for the reckless.