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Re: Great Post, Goat!

(And why resist equal pay for equal work. Don't you have daughters that will work in the labor market.  Do you really want Mike to get paid more than Micheala.)


Do you have an example where a man makes more than a woman in the same occupation, same job position, same experience, same job tenure, same education, etc.   

This seems to be a mantra of the left, because a liberal politician told you it was true.  I'm sure there are some specific examples out there but it would be nice to see a few specific examples.   (Maybe MoveOn, Daily Kos, or Mother Jones would help you out)


I realize men make more than woman on average in the U.S., mainly due to thier chosen professions & life choices.





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Re: Great Post, Goat!

My wife was one.  She hired on as a wire technician for Boeing with 10 yrs experience with AT&T wiring phone systems.  She was hired with 4 young men off the street.  Boeing in Mesa, AZ is a non-union shop. She got zero credit for her experience. She didn't find out for several yrs that the guys hired in at a higher rate.  They made more money than she did even after she make team lead.  Her team did the wiring on the cockpit of the C-17 military transport.  Had she complained, they would have just let her go and she doesn't like to make waves anyway.