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Time to Retire NATO?

Do we really want to go to war if Russia and one of the 28 NATO countries get into an altercation? Does it serve the USA interests anymore?


Essay from Pat Buchanan


The Leninist form of Communism rotted on the vine in Russia and is an illustration of why the USA and other countries should not go that route....or was this the fault of the "Big Oil" companies, too?


Progressive types....why is it that the countries that embrace free enterprise and private property prosper and those that want to adapt one of the three "isms" end up abject failures?



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Re: Time to Retire NATO?

Would Russia take over the Baltic states if she could?  Maybe?  Is the Ukraine an example of Russia's geographical interests?


Reconsidering NATO is a good idea, of course.  That would involve defining the threat and deciding what means are available to forestall it.


Would the U.S. want nukes in the hands of every little European nation?  Maybe not.  Like Serbia?  


Would Russia use nukes to intimidate Poland or Germany, to name a couple?  Does North Korea use nukes to intimidate Japan and even the U.S.?  So, nukes intimidate.


Reconsidering NATO is a good idea.  Using that as a defacto way for the U.S. to pull out of Europe - maybe that's a little too fast.