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Time to drink the barbed wire.

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BA Deere
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Re: Time to drink the barbed wire.

You liberals won`t find it so funny, but here`s one of the great comments to the story 🙂

How will we know if the vaccine is working? Will the survival rate go from 99.7% to 99.8%?
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Re: So, let's see if we understand you correctly?

You claim that coronavirus mortality is 0.3%.  Working backwards from 550,000 dead this means 183 million, or half the population has already contracted coronavirus or roughly six times the 31.5 million positively identified.

Now, we know that over the past year, about 410 million tests have been conducted for an average of 7.6% positive (31.5/410).  Now 7.6%  positive is a pretty reasonable average because typically state weekly percent positives range from 1% to 15%, occasionally higher for brief periods.

  But, if you're correct and 183 million Americans have already had the virus, the average percent positive should be more like 44%, which it obviously isn't.

  Now, before you say, there hasn't been enough testing,  for the past nine months here anyhow,  on-demand testing has been widely and readily available.  Everyone here who may have been exposed or who wants a test is tested free of charge.  People here who need routine medical or dental procedures are automatically tested, And for a while essential workers like doctors, nurses, police & firefighters were tested weekly, as were many school teachers.

  No, I think if many more people were infected they would have shown up in the numbers but they didn't.  In conclusion, since August anyhow, that average 1.7% mortality has been rock solid, way higher than your 0.3%.

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Re: Time to drink the barbed wire.

Don't forget the deaths are only the tip of the 'iceberg'

There are many who 'survived' the Covid virus who are now suffering with lasting damage from it.

Some with damaged hearts, kidneys, lungs and brains

There are teenagers who are long haulers with lasting problems that could very well continue for the rest of their lives 

We know a 14 year old who used to be healthy and since he had Covid in December still has no stamina and can not concentrate on his school work even though he was an excellent student before.

The death number is only a portion of those who have been impacted by this virus

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Re: Time to drink the barbed wire.

"Post-Polio Sydrome"

CFR was quite a lot lower for Polio than Covid.

But people who recovered are sometimes hit with severe symptoms 15-40 years later.

So, what if the rocket scientists who say that vaccines might do something to them in many years........