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Veteran Advisor

Time to rename the Leftist party?

nothing democratic about trying to stifle the will of the people.

Stunt Fail: Poll Shows Voters Strongly Approve of Key Elements in New Texas Voting Law by Guy Benson...

Polls in both Texas and Georgia show overwhelming support for going back to normal on election law....eliminating the panic changes from Covid, and actually even making the votes more secure, not less.

So why are the Democrat leaders opposed? Why would anyone look at what is going on and NOT come away with the thought that democrats cheated in 2020?

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Senior Contributor

Re: Time to rename the Leftist party?

Election fraud is the predominate way democrats get elected.  All of these democrat ***** cities that have been poorly run, crime ridden, and in decay for years, yet the same group of people continues to be elected.  People are in the whole not that stupid.

Senior Contributor

Re: Time to rename the Leftist party?

They already have a name, communists.  

They're evil the world over.